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Utilizing Imaging Techniques from Astronomy in a Terrestrial Context- In seek of Collaborators

Seeking Collaborators-

This  project can been refered to as The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence and the study of Terrestrial Foreground Interference.

The goal is to take something like a radio telescope and look at things on a terrestrial level (radio camera lets call it).  This could potentially be extended include a wide range of the non-visable spectrum.  What might a radio image of a large city from a hilltop look like for example.  Other initial point of interest include non visable spectrum images from WWII nuclear test sites, the difference in human output in the non visable spectrum based on culture (Beijing vs. Los Angeles) time of day, time or year etc.  

I anticipate potential uses beyond the production of an image as its own end, including:

  • Educational resources to improve understanding of the non visable spectrum and astronomy  for science students
  • Potential source of comparison data for major breakthroughs in exoplanet discovery; what patterns in the non visable spectrum can be accounted for by known cultural, societial practices.  
  • Potential environmental education use regarding the human footprint on our environment.  

This project welcomes a great deal of interdisciplinary collaborative and is concieved in a creative DIY spirit.